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WEHRLE Umwelt engineers, builds and operates treatment plants for complex (waste)waters, such as landfill leachate or industrial effluents.

Being the pioneer for High Performance Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), Nanofiltration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants and many other advanced technologies, the first installations, built 25 years ago, are in operation ever since.

Typical industrial clients are various Food & Beverage producers, Laundries, Pharmaceutical, Household & Personal Care, Cosmetics, Petrochemical, Chemical and many more industries that emit a troublesome wastewater or are interested in water supply, biogas generation, substance recovery or water recycling to optimize their carbon footprint.

With over 300 references on 5 continents, many subsidiaries and partners, WEHRLE offers its solutions to clients in many different countries and climate zones.

WEHRLE Umwelt on-site effluent treatment plants are known for being most compact, flexible, easy and inexpensive to operate.

Products and services

  • Plant Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Consulting & Feasibility Studies

  • Turn-Key Plant Building

  • On-site Pilot Trials

  • BIOMEMBRAT®-CF High Performance Cross-Flow MBR

  • BIOMEMBRAT®-LE High Performance Low Energy MBR

  • BIOMEMBRAT® Pressurized MBR

  • BIOSTREAM® Jet Loop Bioreactor

  • BIODIGAT® SB EGSB Anaerobic Bioreactor

  • BIODIGAT® AF Anaerobic Filter Bioreactor

  • BIODIGAT® AS Activated Sludge Anaerobic Bioreactor

  • BIODIGEST® CTSR Anaerobic Bioreactor

  • BIODIGEST®-recover CTSR Anaerobic Bioreactor for solids bioconversion

  • BIODIGEST®-detox CTSR Anaerobic Bioreactor for toxic substrates

  • BIOMOX® Deammonification Bioreactor

  • UF Ultrafiltration

  • NF Nanofiltration

  • RO Reverse Osmosis

  • Activated Carbon

  • Raw and Process Water Treatment

  • Water Recycling

  • Material Recovery

  • Biogas Generation

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Remote Plant Diagnostics

  • Pre-Treatment Technologies

  • Plant Operation

  • Plant Benchmarking, Efficiency Analysis and Optimization

  • Plant Performance Upgrades

  • Plant Extensions

  • Water Mapping
Membrane Bioreactor - BIOMEMBRAT®

High performance MBR with external sidestream membranes for highly polluted and/or strongly changing wastewater. Easy to operate due to computer assisted operation with optional remote access for direct support. Easy to extend / upgrade to future changes in effluent characteristics or discharge requirements (e.g. water recycling). Most rugged technology for complex wastewaters with proven record (250+ installations, in 30+ countries with the oldest plants in operation for 25+ years).

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Leachate treatment plant

Leachate treatment is the core business of WEHRLE with over 250 reference plants worldwide from different types of landfills, MBT effluents or waste bunkers. We have an unmatched experience for this difficult effluent and provide full treatment solutions. World-wide, easy to operate and reliable!

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Industrial effluent treatment plant

Turnkey treatment plants for the treatment of industrial effluents - from indirect discharge up to water recyling (zero liquid discharge) and according to high industrial expectations (flexibility for changing effluents, simple computer-assisted operation, easy upgrades and plant extensions): WEHRLE has a wide field of applications and solutions for many different industries and requirements.

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